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The Orbital Knights are a group that feature in Aldnoah.Zero.



Landing Castles begin the first Earth-Mars War.

The Orbital Knights were established after the creation of the Vers Empire by Dr. Rayregalia Vers Rayvers who had discovered Aldnoah on Mars. Dr. Rayvers had discovered the ancient remains of a supercivilization on Mars leading to the uncovering of Aldnoah. This technology imprinted itself onto Rayregalia seeing him as the heir of its creators and burning the Aldnoah activation factor onto his bloodline. Afterwards, a number of humans would swear fealty to the Emperor of the newly formed Vers Empire and in exchange they were given the activation factor. Thus, the Orbital Knights were formed who developed advanced technology and created the military of the empire. In time, their number swelled to 37 clans with each controlling a Landing Castle.

Following the war, the 37 Landing Castles of the Orbital Knights remained in space above Earth where they monitored the planet. For fifteen years after Heaven's Fall, the Martian Knights waited and long sought the renewal of hostilities so that they could lay claim to Earth. Factions among the Knights resented the royal family for ending the war as they saw they were the ones that urged hostilities that led to open warfare. As such, they felt that the royal line were responsible and needed to pay the price in blood.

Landing Castle invasion sites on Earth.

After the apparent assassination of Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia by Terrans, a second Earth-Mars War began with the Knights beginning Operation: Earthfall. This saw numerous of the Orbital Knights order their Landing Castle to had to the surface as they eagerly sought glory against the Terrans. A number of the ships remained in orbit where they targeted satellites for destruction in order to cripple Earth's communication grid.


Orbital Knight with her soldiers.

They were divided into 37 clans with each being led by a noble. During disputes among nobles, it was not uncommon for duels to be made that were fought in Kataphrakts.

For warfare, they had access to the highly advanced Martian Kataphrakts with their machines containing variety of abilities beyond that of Earth mecha. These Kataphrakts only responded to their assigned pilot once activated by a member of the Vers Imperial Family. To prevent their machines from being coped by the enemy, the Knight often shut down the kataphrakt if they risked capture. In this state the Mecha appeared as if they badly damaged and no longer operable. The ultimate authority they had their disposal was the Landing Castle that were under the control of each of the various Knights.


  • Count Cruhteo : a male Knight who was loyal to the Princess and participated in hostilities but after learning of the conspiracy against Asseylum decided to fight against the traitors only to be killed by Saazbaum. He piloted the Martian Kataphrakt known as Tharsis.
  • Count Saazbaum :
  • Countess Femieanne : a female Knight who commanded her clan and piloted the Martian Kataphrakt Hellas.


  • Aldnoah.Zero:

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