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The Order of Saladin was an organization that featured in the video game Lionheart.


The Order of Saladin, also known as the Knights of Saladin, are a Muslim order who's origins were traced to the time of the Third Crusade when Richard the Lionheart was tricked into performing a ritual which led to the Disjunction. This led to magic escaping into the world and forever altered Mankinds history. In order to combat this threat, Richard formed an alliance with his Turk nemesis Saladin and made a pact in order to seal the rift. Whilst they ultimately succeeded, the threat remained in the world and led to the creation of the Knights of Saladin who remained a secret order of eastern knights who sought to contain the dark threat of the magic.

At some point, they traveled to Barcelona in order to help the Knights Templar after a disturbing chain of thefts which involved a number of holic relics. As the Inquisition frowned on the use of eastern magic, the Order of Saladin had to camp outside of Barcelona and were led by Amir.

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