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The Order of the Axe and Cross is an organization that features in The Last Witch Hunter.



The Order of the Axe and Cross was an organization that was formed in the world to keep the balance between witches and ordinary humans. Their origins were traced to the Dark Ages when populations grew and civilizations fell which was when six Witch Lords rose to power to reclaim the lands that they believed man had destroyed. They consisted of three sisters and three brothers who divided the earth into their personal fiefdoms to rule and take power from the lands themselves. These Witches were opposed to man and sought to wipe them out with a great apocalypse. This resulted in the founding of this ancient brotherhood in AD1211 in the lands that became Skopje, Macedonia with it originally consisting of an irregular army of priests, warriors and farmers that had turned into fighters. All of these individuals swore an oath to crush the threat that was posed by Witches. Despite being few in number, they were noted to had fought with conviction with Pope Innocent III issuing them a secret sigil and instructed them to deny any existence of the order. This meant that the witches never could discover the forces that had assembled in opposition to them. In 1231, this secret order marched to oppose the threat of the Black Plague which was a scourge perpetrated by Witches with them gathering to raise their weapons to strike against the Witch-Queen.


The brotherhood saw themselves as the cure for the curses perpetuated on man by witches.

The Order of the Axe and Cross were aware of the hexes and curses caused by Witches. Among them, they were aware of the Sarcophaga Samanos curse fly whose wings carried hexes with a single one being able to kill a man whilst swarms could bring doom.

They typically had fought only with unaided blades against their foes.

Their modern day headquarters was the St. Chrysostom's church with them being based in the hidden catacombs below which was home to their council chambers and also served as the world's largest witch prison.


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