Order of the Black Knights (Code Geass)

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The Order of the Black Knights.

The Order of the Black Knights is an organization that features in Code Geass.



Formation of the Black Knights.

The Order of the Black Knights was created in the modern where it was crafted from citizens of Area 11 that was formerly known as Japan that had been conquered by the Holy Britannian Empire. After its conquest, a number of Japanese resistance cells were created such as the Japanese Liberation Front that opposed Britannian forces but never managed to be an effective force against their occupiers. This changed during Viceroy Prince Clovis la Britannia's orders to purge Shinjuku Ghetto with their forces being attacked by Japanese resistance fighters. Despite their resistance, they were losing against the Britannian forces until a mysterious figure took command of the Japanese resistance forces and turned them into an effective fighting force. They managed to combat the Britannian military and the individual managed to get Prince Clovis to call a ceasefire allowing the rebels to escape. Afterwards, Prince Clovis was killed and it was revealed that it was at the hands of the mysterious figure who began calling himself Zero. The masked individual took control of that Japanese resistance group and got their assistance to free honorary Britannian Suzaku Kururugi. Following that, the fame of Zero and his involvement in Clovis's assassination led to more serving under his banner. With this group, he turned the rebels into a fighting force that he called the Black Knights that quickly rose to becoming the leading the resistance force against Britannian rule.

The growing actions of the Black Knights attracted the attention of Kyoto who decided to ally with them and gifted them custom Knightmare Frames.

After the establishment of the United Federation of Nations, the national armies of each country were disbanded and it was instead decided that an independent third united army would head its military. As such, the Black Knights were selected to serve as this united military for the newly formed nation. At the request of the Supreme Council, the Black Knights were deployed on an operation to liberate Japan from Britannia with Zero being in charge of the offensive.


Growing into a global force.

Initially, according to Zero, they were to serve as Knights of Justice. He stated that they intended to protect the weak against those that were strong whether they were Japanese or Britannian. Lloyd commented that it was ironic that the group referred to themselves as knights.

A unit within the Black Knights was the Zero Squad that served as their leaders personal guard.


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