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Organids are bioships that feature in Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade.


Organids were genetically engineered biomechanical starships that were designed by Humanity in the distant future. This came in a time when mankind came under assault from numerous alien species that brought them devastating losses. A rallying point in the conflict came when a Human warrior became a Hero against the alien hordes. This saw the enemy capture him and kill him thus making him into a martyr which united mankind against the alien threat. This combined with the development of the biomechanical Organids turned the tide of conflict as these organic starships were adaptive as well as capable of evolving independently. Thus, the Human empire managed to conquer the alien species and establish itself as a universal power as well as being the dominant force in known space. The dominion of the Human race was thus insured by Organids with these genetically designed organic machines easily capable of adapting to enemy strategies. Unknown to them, a number of these alien races worked in secret to form an alliance of species to combat Humanity. This force became known as Defiance who had managed to reverse engineer Organid technology for their own uses. Members of the Defiance even claimed that they had improved upon these biomechanical vessels that they developed in distant parts of the universe.


These genetically engineered vessels that were able to move through the vacuum of space and engage in faster-than-light travel through jump gates that were portals opened by them. Organid starships were grown from larger motherships and birthed from them where they later matured as well as grew to larger sizes in times. Once formed, they were completely unarmed and defenseless but in a blank state that allowed their controllers to mold them to their will. In time, they grew and changed during the course of their existence. The hulls of the spaceships were covered in a skin whilst their internal makeup consisted of "blood" that served as a vital building tool. They were capable of adapting and evolving independently through the accumulation of genes. Such samples were used at the genebank to mutate the vessel and develop new traits. As with organic beings, Organids were capable of being wounded and eventually killed with their carcasses capable of floating in space. Even these were able to hold a purpose as they were able to be harvested of "blood" and genetic traits by other Organid ships that extended a biological umbilical to gather these materials.

New practices following the emergence of Organids included scavengers known as waste eaters that harvested the dead carcasses of Organids.


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