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Orlais is a country that features in Dragon Age.



Orlais was a human nation that formed in the lands of Thedas.

In -15 Ancient, a young king named Kordilius Drakon of Orlais came to construct a great temple dedicated to the Maker and declared that by the time it was completed he would have united the warring southern city-states and brought Andrastian beliefs to the world.

By -3 Ancient, the temple was complete and Drakon was crowned the first ruler of the Empire of Orlais where his first act was to formally declare the Andrastian religion the primary faith of the state thus founding the Chantry.


Locations in Orlais included:

  • Val Royeaux :
  • Arlesans :
  • Churneau :
  • Ghislain :
  • Halamshiral :
  • Arbor Wilds :

There was an old Orlesian saying which said, "In uncertainty, find infinite possibility".

One body established by a previous emperor was the Council of Heralds that was to be the arbiter over disputing involving titles and had the power to even overrule the commands of the monarch.

An aristocracy existed within Orlais though this one different from the one in lands such as Ferelden as the Orlesians believed their right to rule stemmed from the Maker. There was no concept of rule by merit or slightest idea of rebellion as people were either nobles or aspired to become one through patronage. A system of noble titles existed in Orlais with it being far extending as individual titles included barons, baronnes, baronets, sur-barons and a host of others. Legally, titles and heraldry of the Orlesian nobility were banned but these persisted due to thousands of years of culture and tradition. The family lines could trace their ancestry to ancient great houses who would not give up on their titles. This led to numerous contesting claims of birth right and inheritance thus miring the claims over title. The Orlesian aristocracy was not only ancient but thus prone to competition amongst the nobles. The reformation of the system regarding titles was made to end the conflict but instead it changed as the nobles had now fought over unofficial titles.

All nobles thus participated in the Grand Game whether they were aware of it or not. This was a game that determined a nobles reputation and patronage with rumour and scandals being the primary weapon. It was said that more blood was drawn through the Grand Game than in battles fought. They were able operate within the Orlesian aristocratic life where they could act as palace servants, ladies-in-waiting and even as the chamberlain.

The throne of Orlais was protected by a personal cadre of assassins with these being the Shadows of the Emperor.

Within the empire were a group of warriors that joined the ranks of the Order of Chevaliers who were a knighthood dedicated in to protecting Orlais. Upon joining, the knights dedicating their lives to the empire with it being open to both men and women. However, it was rare for women to choose the harsh life of a Chevalier over one of comfort that could be achieved through marriage with children or peace of the Chantry. The rare few women that do join do so by following the path laid by Aveline who was the first female knight. Becoming one of these knights was said to be a true means of improving a nobles standing with this being a common choice for those nobles without land or those that lacked an heir to inherit their line. Most members of the Orlesian aristocracy were said to hold ties to the Order of Chevaliers. It was said that some Chevaliers abused their power and committed atrocities whilst using their position within the order


  • Celene I :
  • Gaspard de Chalons :
  • Leliana :
  • Kordillus Drakon I :
  • Aveline :


  • Orlais featured in the setting of Dragon Age.


  • Dragon Age: Origins:
  • Dragon Age II:
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition:

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