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Orochi is a male character who features in The King of Fighters.



The Orochi (オロチ Orochi) was a serpentine being that could cause incredible amounts of destruction and death was originally defeated 1,800 years ago by the members of the Kusanagi, Yasakani, and Yata clans. After rescuing the Sacrificial Maiden, Princess Kushinada, the Yasakani held Orochi in place, the Kusanagi dealt the final blow, and the Yata sealed it off as they used the three sacred treasures of Japan. However, 1,140 years later, when the Kusanagi clan was considered to be the strongest of the three clans and the Yasakani the weakest of the three, the Yasakani clan made a blood pact that allowed them to use the power of Orochi. Such power came at a cost: the Yasakani, now known as Yagami, wielded purple flames and were doomed to live very short lives, with their matriarchs dying in childbirth. This action led to a violent feud between the Kusanagi and the Yagami, and many members of both clans lost their lives. The murder of the leader of the Yata clan in the present day released the seal that had kept Orochi bound away. Hearing of this, the heiress to the Yata, Chizuru Kagura, organized the 1996 King of Fighters tournament in order to unite the two warring clans, represented by Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. In the 1997 KoF tournament, the Sacred Warriors of the Orochi rise and directly try to resurrect Orochi itself, who is reincarnated as an adolescent boy named Chris. Also, they kidnap Kyo's girlfriend Yuki, who is believed to be the last descendant of Princess Kushinada. After saving Yuki, Kyo deals the final blow to Orochi as Iori holds the serpentine messenger in place, and Chizuru seals it off just like 1800 years ago.

In 2003, a strange group called "heralds" made an attempt to break the seal, thus putting humanity in peril yet again. It seemed there were more entities other than the Hakkeshu themselves who were interested in the power of Orochi, and thus made attempts to release him from his current ensealment. Although unable to completely release Orochi, they damaged the seal, enough to make Orochi's influence felt in the world. The heralds intend to siphon the power of the Orochi for their leader's use.


Personality and attributes

He has white hair, white trousers, and a tattoo across his chest, though this appearance is mainly due to his possession of Chris. The tattoo on his chest represents the eight-headed serpent from the legend.

The creature that is Orochi is a chthonic supernatural entity which regarded itself as executing the will of Gaea.

Orochi is extremely critical towards humans, accusing them to be ignorant, or have not changed through the years. Even though continuously defeated by the 3 forces, Kusanagi, Yasakani and Yata, Orochi has little faith in the capabilities of humanity. The reason for this is arguable; some say that this is because of how humans have treated nature, while others (and also implied in KOF97) mention that he sees no hope in the sins of humanity, and that their destruction is the only way to clean the earth. As Orochi is merely avenging the suffering humanity has mindlessly caused nature and the world, and being some sort of check-and-balance in the world of the humans, it can be seen, though not canon to the storyline (Team Edit ending), that Orochi has the capability to forgive as well, where he conceded to the strengths of the fighters after being defeated, but not without saying that they still have a chance and that he looks forward to see the change it wants or again seek destruction. Orochi is far from being a dark or evil entity, despite his true monstrous form, and Kim Kaphwan's branding. In fact, Orochi pays allegiance to Gaia, the mother of the Earth, and should probably be thought of as being chthonic in nature, rather than demonic or heavenly.

What the Orochi feels and thinks seems to seep towards the The 4 Devas. Leopold Goenitz, Yashiro, and Chris, and to a somewhat lesser degree Shermie, also possesses the same degree of hatred towards humanity as Orochi would, sharing as far as actual emotions and thoughts of the Orochi itself, especially with Goenitz. The same cannot be said with the others of their bloodline, like with Vice and Mature, who either lives against their mandate of the bloodline, or rebelled against it. Mizuchi's personality is the same, without the awareness of having followers, and is portrayed to be more messiah-like, making humans realize their error first.

Orochi does not regard humanity as being a trustworthy race and that coexistence between the race of Man and the planet without ravashing it was impossible. Thus, it regards that the only way for Gaea to survive was by extinguishing Human life.

Powers and abilities

The Riot of The Blood (Chi no Bousou in Japan) is a frenzied state of a human being where he/she loses total control, physical faculties and sanity to the Orochi blood within. This only happens to people who are not born with 100% Orochi blood in their veins. Any of the Orochi clan or even the Orochi itself can trigger this state at mere will. The basis behind this condition is due to the resistance of the other half of the blood to the power of the Orochi. A person under the influence of Riot of The Blood can be subdued in due time, as the outburst does not last long, and as long as there is no presence of Orochi power nearby. The only characters known susceptible to this condition are Rugal Bernstein, having a little of Orochi blood gave by Goenitz at the cost of Rugal's right eye and later, his own life; Leona Heidern, half-Orochi on account of her mother's non-Orochi blood; and Iori Yagami, whose Orochi blood was transfused into the bloodline of his ancestors.

The Orochi has eight mortal followers that fights for this serpentine entity. Curiously, this coincides with the amount of heads this serpent of legend has; four of his warriors are Heavenly Kings, two are Assassins, and two are Elementalists. Of these eight followers, the Four Devas or the Four Heavenly Kings are the most loyal to Orochi, working to set him free from the ensealment by the Yata clan. To revive Orochi, they perform a ceremony that sacrifices the life of a maiden, particularly from the Kushinada clan.



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