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The Osirian are a species that feature in the Doctor Who universe.



The Osirians were an ancient species that inhabited the universe who called the world of Phaester Osiris their home planet. Long ago, one of their number known as Sutekh rose to power where he turned against his own people and left a trail of destruction across half the galaxy. These events saw the destruction of his home world and Sutekh attempting to escape the retribution by the rest of his kind that rallied under Horus. They came to corner him on the primitive world of Earth where seven hundred and forty Osirians combined their might to finally stop him in Egypt. However, it was against their code to kill another as it meant that they were no better than him and thus they imprisoned him within a pyramid whose forcefield was maintained from a power source on neighbouring Mars. Afterwards, the Osirans departed but the event became lodged within the history of mankind as a mythical war of the gods which became part of Ancient Egyptian mythology. (Episode: Pyramid of Mars)


The species was noted for a long lifespan but they were not immortal and could die of old age at over seven thousand years old. They were noted for their guile and ingenuity with them making use of riddles. (Episode: Pyramid of Mars)

It was against their code to kill another being as it meant that they were no better than their foe. (Episode: Pyramid of Mars)

One weapon within their arsenal was the Osiran war missile. (Episode: Pyramid of Mars)


  • Sutekh : a rogue Osirian responsible for the destruction of their home planet and who left havoc across half the galaxy until he was hunted down and imprisoned by others of his kind on Earth where he was trapped in an Egyptian pyramid. (Episode: Pyramid of Mars)
  • Horus : a member of their kind who rallied the others of his race in hunting down and imprisoning Sutekh. (Episode: Pyramid of Mars)

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