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Osiris is a video game character who features in Destiny.



Osiris was a male human Guardian who arose in the earliest days of the Last City.

After vanishing into exile, a network of acolytes and admirers of his work emerged where they formed the Cult of Osiris which sought to continue his work.


Personality and attributes

He came to hold a dim view of the Traveler as he attributed the entity's presence being responsible for all the menaces that had come to plague mankind.

It was said he was an egomaniac as evidenced by his use of Reflections of himself.

Powers and abilities

He came to adopt some of the technology in the Infinite Forest and used them for his own purposes. Among these was the capacity of creating Reflections that were copies of himself. He used them to explore multiple pathways at once where they passed messages to one another that could eventually reach him.

Similar to other Guardians, he came to have his own Ghost that served as his constant companion with this being Sagira.

A group of non-Guardians came to form a cult that revered him with these calling themselves the Cult of Osiris.


  • Osiris was created by Bungie where he featured in the setting of Destiny.


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