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The Osiris Club is a secret society that features in Hellboy.


The Osiris Club's origins were traced to the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra until the the mid-19th century. On 2nd September 1866, six members of the Brotherhood which consisted of three of its senior officials visited the mystic Ms. E.T. Hatton where they participated in a seance at the home of Lord Charles Burly. During the seance, the spirit of Lazod appeared before them and gave them the task of living to the last days of man through the gift of immortality. However, more importantly, a task was given to the Brotherhood members to await for a king who would refuse his crown but would nonetheless lead his soldiers in the final battle. The prophecy during the seance indicated that the king would fall in battle whereupon the chosen seven were to cut off his right hand and use it to elevate themselves over all that remained. In the aftermath, the six members left the Brotherhood and joined with Miss Hatton to form the Osiris Club that branched separately from its parent organization.


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