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The Overlords are an alin species that feature in Childhood's End.



Their homeworld was the planet called Jenjedda that was the sixth planet situated in the Carina system. Around 100,000 years ago, they made contact with the Overmind and conducted actions according to its will. By this point, it was deemed that the Overlords had reached the end of their development with all their possibilities being exhausted. As such, they were tasked with a mission by the Overmind ad sought to accomplish this goal. This saw them being dispatched to worlds with the Overlords charged with changing such planets. Such a process involved controlled evolution of a planet's inhabitants whereby the children were enhanced to the point that they would join the Overmind. The act saw the children taken from a world leaving the adults behind who died as the last generation of their planet. Such was the destiny of worlds with them overseeing the process on all of them.


Central to their civilization was an entity known as the Overmind of All Creation. This was the collective consciousness of the universe that was all which was both divisible and indivisible.

Members of their race envied species such as mankind as their children could go to where the Overlords could not follow.

They were able to create spherical silver shaped drones that had a single ocular sensor that could be used to visual feed back to the Overlords such as on their starships. Such drones achieved transportation by hovering through the air and could be used to take recordings.


  • Karellan :
  • Vindarten : encountered Milo Rodricks onboard the Overlord ship heading back towards Jenjedda.


  • The Overlords were created by Arthur C. Clarke for Childhood's End.


  • Childhood's End:

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