Kendal Ozzel

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Admiral Ozzel aboard the Executor.

Admiral Kendal Ozzel commanded the entire Imperial fleet under the direction of Darth Vader. Ozzel's mission was to hunt down and destroy the Rebel Alliance. Described by Vader as clumsy and stupid, he repeatedly made mistakes and displeased the Sith Lord. The Admiral's final blunder came when he he inadvertently alerted the Rebellion to the Imperial fleet by bringing it out of light speed too close to Hoth, allowing several Rebel transports to escape. Vader killed Ozzel by choking him with the power of the Force, and command of the fleet went to Admiral Firmus Piett.

Blue Harvest

Admiral Ozzel commands Darth Vader's fleet alongside Captain Piett. A loud, abrasive man who seems to have difficulty controlling the volume of his voice, Ozzel didn't believing the Rebel base was on Hoth, citing the probe droid's findings to be "a big fat phony." Later when he brought the Imperial fleet out of lightspeed too quickly, Vader Force-choked Ozzel through a viewscreen (something Ozzel didn't think Vader could do) and killed him.

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