Captain Panaka

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Captain Panaka.

Captain Panaka was the captain of the Naboo Royal Security Force, whose job is to protect the Queen of Naboo. Captain Panaka was promoted into his position after his predecessor had failed to thwart the assassination of King Veruna. Loyal and trustworthy, Panaka personally protected Queen Amidala and her royal entourage throughout the Trade Federation occupation of Theed, and later when they journeyed to Tatooine and ultimately Coruscant. During the Battle of Naboo, Panaka and his men assisted Amidala in capturing Nute Gunray.

Years later, after Amidala's term as queen had ended and she became a senator, Panaka was no longer responsible for her. Instead, he remained Captain of the Royal Security Force and protected Amidala's successor Queen Jamillia. The task of protecting Senator Amidala fell to Panaka's nephew, Captain Typho. After Supreme Chancellor Palpatine became Emperor and abolished the Old Republic and instituted the Galactic Empire, Panaka became an Imperial moff.

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