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Pandora's Box was an artifact that featured in the second Tomb Raider movie.


Though named after the Greek legend, the true history of Pandora's Box relates to the creation of life on Earth which began in the Cradle of Life. At this early point in history, the contents of the box were opened which allowed life to flourish and begin. Once this was done, the box was sealed for it only contained viruses, plagues and the very essences of anti-life itself.

Centuries later, an Egyptian Pharaoh on an expedition discovered the Cradle of Life and took Pandora's Box. He unwittingly opened it and his kingdom was in ruins from deadly plagues that killed most of his subjects. Seeing the horrors of the box, the Pharaoh told one of his servants to take it away and dispose of it. It would make its way to India where it remained lost for sometime until an expedition made by Alexander the Great whose army was devastated after opening the Box once more. Alexander decided that Pandora's Box was too dangerous to be left in Human hands and used an orb that contained a map to the Cradle of Life to start a journey in order to return the deadly box back to its origin.

In the early part 21st century, Nobel prize winner Jonathan Reiss learnt of the Box and fought with Lara Croft to discover it in order to unleash plagues to the highest bidders that would afford 'his' new bio-weapons. He journeyed into the Cradle of Life but died before he could accomplish his task. The box was present within an underground chamber where it was surrounded by black corrosive liquid which was capable of killing a Human being with a single touch.

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