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A paraelemental is a powerful entity embodying the nature of one of the four Paraelemental Planes. Unlike their cousins, elementals, paraelementals sustain themselves by various odd actions reflecting their combined elements, and often have specific shapes instead of simply appearing as a mass of their element.

Paraelemental Types

  • Ice Paraelementals absorb heat (but not fire, which harms them) and appear as towering humanoids made of ice. They are sometimes called "cold paraelementals" or "frost paraelementals."
  • Ooze Paraelementls "feed" by crushing and absorbing solid matter, and appear as a mass of slimy tentacles. They are sometimes called "mud elementals."
  • Smoke Paraelementals breathe in air and breathe out smoke to "feed," and appear as a cloud of smoke.
  • Magma Paraelementals appear as monstrous humanoids made of magma with molten, shapeless lower bodies, and sustain themselves by melting things.


In the third edition of Dungeons and Dragons, paraelementals embody a fusion of two elements.

Paraelementals probably manifest very differently on Athas, which has a different view of the Paraelemental Planes.

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