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Paris Carver is a female film character who features in the James Bond series.



aris is a beautiful brunette in her thirties who was once a lover of Bond. He left her behind, however, because his job was too dangerous for a real relationship. She later married media mogul Elliot Carver, who leads a conspiracy to start a war between the United Kingdom and China – a war for which his news divisions would have exclusive coverage, sending his ratings (and therefore profits) very high. MI6 sends Bond to investigate, and he reunites with Paris. M had instructed him to remind her of their previous relationship then "pump her for information". When Bond sees her again, her beauty is not lost on him, but she is not exactly pleased to see him. When Bond is mentioned in conversation with her husband, Paris lies that Bond dated her college roommate and that she barely knows him.

Suspecting that the man she had married was up to something nefarious, Paris reaches out to Bond after her husband's henchmen try to kill him. At first Bond tries to send her away, but they are too strongly drawn to each other. Bond confesses that he had left her because she had gotten too close, and then they have sex. Paris gives Bond the information he needs, but Carver, who had been spying on his wife, sends his personal assassin Dr. Kaufman to her room hours later to kill her. Paris's murder ignites in Bond a desire for revenge, shaking his usual professional detachment and clouding his judgment.

Bond discovers her body just as the news of her death is being read on the hotel room television by a newsreader on the Carver-owned TV news station; many events that Carver was linked to were reported by his media channels before they actually happened, far sooner than they would normally be expected to be reported. The report on Paris' death also gave details of a man also being found shot dead in her hotel room – Bond realises that he is the "second victim" and manages to outwit Kaufman, who was already in the hotel suite preparing to shoot him dead. Bond is genuinely affected by her death, to the point that he has to be reminded that the mission is not personal. Bond's eventual partnership with Chinese intelligence agent Wai Lin brings him back to his senses, however, as well as provided him another lover.


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  • Paris Carver was portrayed by actor Teri Hatcher.
  • In the novelization by Raymond Benson, Paris Carver is from a New England or New York family. Benson references that she has a New England accent. One day she and Elliot had gotten into a fight and Elliot had hit her in the face because she had called him a "grouch". After that incident, she never talked back to him again.


  • Tomorrow Never Dies: (1997)

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