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Paul Erwin Martinez is from California better known by his name Paul. Paul is a former Spy and Spy Fighter, working for Carlos (Sasha's Boyfriend), Sniper (Spy Manager) and Fred (Spy Leader) in Abraham Lincoln High School. Paul is a ten grader and a very good friend of Scooty whom he and him team up. Paul request for his realease on May, 2012.


Early Life

Paul was born in San Diego, California. Paul Grew up in San Diego. When Paul turned 13, he started taken his interest in acting class. Paul wanted to be in actor when he grews up. He knew that somehow, he needed some money to get there.

Spy Career

Paul took part of the spies career on October 7, 2011. Scooty knew that Paul needed money for his future so Scooty told Paul about the spies and Scooty can recommend him to Fred to work there. Paul was in. Paul Started working as a Spy to Sasha but he didn't make lot of process in the last three months. He make a huge process and a storyline with Sasha, Scooty and Billy. He was finally notice by the spies and Sasha. Paul is a good friend of Sasha whom, he and her always hang out together after school with Scooty as the Spy and Sasha's good friend Chris. Paul was promoted by Billy. Paul told Billy that Sasha has a huge crush on Chris. Which Paul toke over the whole show. Paul got in a relationship with Merari but they soon break up. Paul huge success after three months come to end when Sasha moved to the Mountains, California on April 21, 2012. Paul was still making some appearance still. Paul move to Pine Valley, California on May 5, 2012 to keep a close eye on Sasha so Paul reputation won't fall off. Sasha was messaging Paul saying that she needed to talk to Chris. Paul send that message to Carlos and he gave him info about Sasha, which Carlos decided to plan something evil. Sasha call Paul two times in total saying stuff about Carlos, Javier and the spy, but she never mention Sniper to him. She say also she has a huge crush on Chris, which that makes Carlos more angrier. Paul say: "She's only talking to me on the phone or on Facebook Messages just to know how is Chris doing, she doesn't say if I'm fine or anything..." which he knews that Sasha never cares for him or anyone else but her (this was in Carlos and Javier statement) which Paul has confirmed that she nothing but herself. Paul wasn't getting messages or callsfrom her in 8 days which it makes him useless in those days. after that, Carlos saw the video where he was cheated on and he plans to kill her during the summer. Paul knew that Carlos was very angry so Paul retired from this cause he didn't wanted to be part of this murderering, so he Requested Billy to realease him from his contract so is his name. Paul was released by his own request on May 21, 2012.

Spy Fighter Career

Paul joined the Spy Fighter with Scooty making their debut match losing to Billy And Chuck in a tag team match. Then both Scooty and Paul keep on teaming up together as a team fighting in low card matches fighting in a ring againts Damian and The Protector for a short period. When Scooty and Paul were close friends of Sasha. Scooty and Paul were put in big matches but they were unsuccessful. Scooty, Paul, And Billy team up in a big event against Miguel, Tony, Guillermo, and Marlin. Paul was eliminated earlier along with Scooty leaving Billy alone in the ring, but at the end Billy won the match. Paul later retired from wrestling and Spying on May 21, 2012 leaving Scooty alone. Paul last match was againts Marlin in one on one which Paul loss with Marlin's finisher the Diving Elbow Drop on May 15, 2012.


Paul was never seen till June 7, 2012 when Paul info Carlos that Sasha send him a message saying that she's gonna visit her friends in Lincoln Hight School and to see Chris to tell him that she loves him. That makes Carlos furious. Paul block Sasha out of Facebook, he changed his number and he move away from Pine Valley before Rare Hunters Arrival.After that, Paul was never seen.



  • 450 Body Splash
  • Gory Bomb
  • Dragon Supplex Pin
  • Shuffle Chicken Bright Slam
  • Enguriri

Signature Moves

  • Body Drop
  • Money Flip
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