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The Plutonians are a race that features in Marvel Comics Spider-Man cartoon.



The Plutonian race developed in the coldest planet within the Earth solar system namely the planet Pluto itself. There existence was largely unknown until one of their craft which was returning back to Pluto was forced to make a landing onto the third planet in the system; Earth. After crashing onto that world, they placed their ship into the ocean and disguised it as a large iceberg where they attempted to repair it. Once this was done, they began to search for the means to make their starship flight capable once more. Their search led them to learn that Doctor Smarter possessed the technical means to accomplish this task.

A member of the Plutonians attempted to enlist the aid of the Human but his actions were misconstrued as being that of an attacker. At the time, Spider-man was at the scene and battled the Plutonian forcing him to retreat. This agent was later able to escape Spider-man's pursuit and brought a second Plutonian to aid him in extracting Doctor Smarter. Freezing Spider-man, the pair quickly returned to their ship where they explained to him their need. Spider-man had later infiltrated the ship and had been attacking the Plutonians until the Doctor told him of their reason for the abduction.

With the aid of the doctor, the Plutonians managed to install the space warp drive within their ship and returned to the stars where they were presumed to be returning to their home world.


The species appeared as a humanoid race with a rough approximate form of a human, having a head, two legs and two arms. However, instead of a fleshy skin, the Plutonians had a smooth icy diamond shaped body and their heads were blocky in shape with two eye slots. In addition to these, they had cold based powers allowing them to shoot rays of energy that froze targets; either living sentient beings such as humans or tall buildings. Another ability they had was the capacity to shoot sharp icicle shaped needles from their wrists. The mere presence of a Plutonian was enough to cause the immediate environment to freeze over; even during the intense heat of summer.

Their starship appeared as a diamond shaped craft which was capable of space travel.


  • Spider-man: "Sub-Zero for Spidey"

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