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UNIT soldier Private Latimer.

Private Latimer was a soldier who served in UNIT. He was one of the soldiers attached to Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's group supplying security for the Inferno Project. He was assigned to guard the Doctor's shed, where he worked on the TARDIS control console assisted by Liz Shaw.

Alternate Universe

RSF soldier Private Latimer (left) with Platoon Under Leader Benton.

Private Latimer was a soldier in the Republican Security Force, serving under Brigade Leader Lethbridge-Stewart. When the Doctor arrived in the alternate universe and emerged from the shed, Latimer, who was nearby, mistook him for a spy and shot at him. The Doctor got into his car and sped off, and Latimer alerted Platoon Under Leader Benton to the intruder. Later, he died along with everyone else in the alternate universe when volcanic eruptions caused by the piercing of the Earth's crust destroyed the entire planet.


  • In the novelization of Inferno, Latimer never appears. Instead it is Private Wyatt who guards the Doctor's shed.
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