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Project Backstep was a government agency in the tv shown Seven Days.


Project Backstep was initiated by the National Security Agency (NSA) after the Roswell incident of 1947. The crashed alien saucer was taken to a secret base called "Never Never Land" (inspired by Groom Lake in Area 51, nicknamed in real-life as "Dreamland") in the Nevada Desert where they were reverse-engineered (similar to Bob Lazar's story about his job at the S-4 base).

By reverse-engineering the alien technology, they were able to create a time machine. The time machine is not the Chronosphere itself, but encompasses the Chronosphere's hangar and the supporting equipment. The Chronosphere is mainly just a vessel to transport the Chrononaut through space and time.

The time machine uses Element-115 salvaged from the Roswell crash. This transuranic element allowed them to generate a time distortion field around the Chronosphere which will displace it through space and time. The sphere is usually teleported away from the hangar and into space, after which the chrononaut, Frank Parker, will steer the sphere towards the required space and time coordinates (referred to as 'flying the needles' in the early episodes).

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