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The QJ-14s were a black op unit that featured in Mutant X.


The QJ-14s were a black op soldier unit that performed covert operations but were eventually killed in combat. A corrupt weapon's dealer known as Stephan Bailey restored the bodies of the deceased soldiers with limited brain functions by placing implants in their temporal lobes to control their actions. Becky Dolan, a con woman, would steal a disk and threatened to interfere in his plans for attaining a defense contract which resulted in Bailey ordering two of the QJ-14s to kill her and bring the disk back to him.

The soldiers of the QJ-14's, being dead, were essentially indestructible which proved to be a problem when Mutant X became involved in the conflict. However, Adam Kane managed to tap into their brains and trace the signal to its source. After this, he turned the QJ-14s against their own creator.

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