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Quantum Juice is a mutagenic drug that features in Milestone Comics.



Quantum Juice, also known as De-Quantified Plasma or as Q-Juice, was a dangerous chemical that was capable of imparting superpowers in otherwise powerless beings. Its noted created was Doctor Nathan Flack who was credited to its discovery though in truth he claimed that it was the other way around. Flack who took on the name of Doctor Nemo was actually considered the first of the Bang Babies namely those that developed superpowers as a result of exposure to Quantum Juice.

Dharma was responsible for arranging for the events that led to the Big Bang. (Shadow Cabinet v1 #0)

The chemical was purposely coated onto experimental tear gas being used at Dakota with the intention of dispering the substance into a crowd. Thus, it became used during the events of the Big Bang where it either killed those exposed or provided them superpowers. The goal of Dr. Nemo was to purposely create new Bang Babies and Dharma was considered somewhat complicit in the scheme in the sense that he did not interfere in it even though he knew Flack's intentions.

S.Y.S.T.E.M. were in possession of the only stockpile of Quantum Juice. (Shadow Cabinet v1 #0)

According to Dharma who headed the Shadow Cabinet, he allowed for the arranagement as he saw that the creation of new superheroes was a necessary step in ensuring the survival of the human race. In addition, he required them in order to battle the Star Chamber who intended to use the substance in missiles as part of a goal to enslave the world. At this time, Dr Flack desired to contaminate the entire world with Q-Juice and had recruited he Star Chamber to serve as his agents. The assembled heroes were later successful in preventing Quantum Juice from being deployed in this manner where it was stopped in Paris.


The substance was referred to as de-quantified plasma that radically altered the laws of physics wherever it was deployed. (Shadow Cabinet v1 #0)

The chemical used to make Quantum Juice was noted for being highly dangerous and its effects were capable of leading to individuals developing superpowers. However, the odds of this occuring were slim with only a minority actually gaining abilities whilst most of those exposed to the substance died from contact.

Fusion reactors could be used to produce the material that could be used to make de-quantified plasma though special particle accelerators could only process it into Quantum Juice. (Shadow Cabinet v1 #0)

The name of the chemical used to create Bang Babies was never revealed at first with the term Quantum Juice being given in the Shadow War crossover.


  • Quantum Juice was created by Ivan Velez, Jr., Dwayne McDuffie and James Fry where it made its first appearance in Blood Syndicate v1 #2 (May, 1993).


  • Blood Syndicate #2:
  • Shadow Cabinet:

In other media


  • In Static Shock, Quantum Juice was renamed as Quantum Vapor in the animated television series that was developed by Edwin Alva of Alva Industries who were responsible for the Big Bang incident that led to the creation of Bang Babies.

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