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The Rahabim are a clan of vampires that feature in Legacy of Kain.


The Rahabim are the children of the vampire Rahab and evolved differently compared to their brethren of the other clans. Among Nosgothic vampires, water harms them and has an acidic affect on them. The Rahabim mutated an adaption to this and were quite capable of surviving as well as thriving in watery environments. However, this came at the cost of increased weakness to sunlight with even adults bursting into flames when exposed to it.

The Rahabim have far changed from their once Human forms and now resemble reptilian creatures with fins that were displayed while they glided through the water. Those that were transformed into Rahabim were cocooned underwater and anchored to the bottom where they transformed into fledgling Rahabim. As they grew older, blood and decorative designs would be present on their hides.

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