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Rajit Ratha is a male character that features in The Amazing Spider-Man.



Rajit Ratha was a male human who by adulthood resided in the United States of America where he became employed by Oscorp. By this point, he was a scientist and served as the Director of Business Development in the Biogenetic Division of Oscorp in Manhattan. The company's head Norman Osborn had at some point been afflicted with a fatal genetic disease and thus had retreated from the public light. This left Ratha as the temporary CEO of Oscorp where he directed it's resources in finding a cure. By this point, there were two projects of interest at Oscorp Industries that were; Dr, Curt Connors limb regeneration project and Dr. Richard Parkers spider project. Of these two programs, Connors research had the potential to save the life of the terminally ill Norman Osborn. As such, he pushed Dr. Connors on results from his research project.

Yeas later, Dr. Ratha went to Dr. Connors department to discuss the status of his project. During that time, he accidently bumped into Peter Parker who had been posing as an intern at Oscorp. Though apologizing, Rajit just ignored him and continued to meet with Connors. Upon arriving at Connors office, Ratha told him that Norman Osborn's sickness had grown rapidly worse and that Curt needed to proceed forward with human trials immediately. Connors refused and stated that the new serum was not ready but upon hearing this Rajit decided to fire him as a result. Ratha took some of the serum Curt Connors had been working on and intended to test it on limbless retired military officials at the veteran's hospital where he would pass it off as a vaccine..


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  • Rajit Ratha was an original creation of the Amazing Spider-Man movie and was portrayed by actor Irrfan Khan.


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