Mola Ram

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Mola Ram leading a Thuggee ritual.

Mola Ram was the high priest of the Thuggee cult in Pankot Palace. A large, brawny, fearsome-looking man normally seen wearing a ceremonial headdress constructed from the skull of a steer, Mola Ram's specialty was the removal of victims' hearts with his bare hands during sacrificial rituals to Kali. He masterminded the theft of the Sankara Stones, which he hoped would make the Thuggees all-powerful and allow them to take over the world.

However, his evil schemes were discovered by Indiana Jones, who put a stop to Ram's fiendish cult despite being briefly placed under Ram's influence by drinking the Blood of Kali. As for Ram himself, he ended up falling from a rope bridge and into a crocodile-infested river where he was devoured by the monstrous reptiles.

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