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Ranx the Sentient City is a supervillain that features in DC Comics.




According to folklore, the city was said to be as old as the stars that was unusual in that it grew sentient. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #5) Its origins were unknown except that in ancient times it was a bustling port and crossroads for a sector of space. However, Ranx over time grew hungry for more inhabitants that were drawn to him and the city began to feed on the people. Crime and vice began to take hold within the crowded city leading to it becoming a source of evil. In response, the Green Lantern Corps decided to intervene where they shutdown the port for the greater good of the sector. This resulted in the trade routes diverting elsewhere leaving Ranx little more than a deserted husk with him drifting into a backwater nebula in Sector 73 to be forgotten and becoming a haven for drifters as well as the dispossessed. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #6)

Though seemingly dead, a seed of Ranx had been saved and was within the possession of the Sinestro Corps. After acquiring Warworld, Arkillo over saw the deployment of the seed onto the mechanical world thus joining the two together. (Sinestro v1 #12)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

The core of Ranx consisted of a sphere-like structure that had the characteristics of nerve ganglia. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #6)

He could manifest avatars of himself from the material of his surface creating titanic humanoid bodies to confront intruders. (Green Lantern Corps v2 #6)


  • Ranx the Sentient City was created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons where he made his first appearance in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual v1 #2 (1986).

In other media


  • In Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Ranx makes an appearance in the episode titled "Ranx". Within this continuity, it was shown to be an abandoned industrialized planetoid where the severed head of the Anti-Monitor travels in order to rebuild his powerbase. He manages to arrive on the planet where he merges with its central core and becomes the master of the world where he projects an energy to protect Ranx. The survival of the Anti-Monitor was discovered by Aya who dispatched her Manhunters to attack the planet as she sought his temporal technology to achieve her ultimate goal. Hal Jordan in the mean time was looking for a weapon to defeat Aya and he along with his allies managed to pierce the barrier to Ranx only to discover the Anti-Monitor. The gigantic artificial intelligence offered an alliance to defeat Aya but she managed to break through the planet's defenses where she destroyed the Anti-Monitor in order to claim his time travel equipment as she sought to bring an end to all organic sentient life in the cosmos.

Video games

  • In Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, Ranx makes an appearance in the Wii version of the game. At the time, Hal Jordan was seeking to defeat the Manhunters with the Sentient City allying with them. Following a lead, Jordan managed to infiltrate Ranx and battled the central core with the Sentient City who was defeated.
  • In DC Universe Online, the expansion "War of Light" adds more material from the Green Lantern universe into the game. The Sentient City arrives to support the Sinestro Corps against the Green Lanterns, Blue Lanterns and Red Lanterns where its shown in the background above the Metropolis battle zone fighting Mogo.


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