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The Reborn are genetically engineered soldiers that appear in the game Blacksite: Area 51.



The Reborn Program came into being during a funding action in congress by DARP-NET Directors who believed that the human soldier was the greatest weakness in the USA. Thus, they sought funding fom the Pengaton in order to begin a secret experiment in creating the American Soldier 2.0; an enhanced warrior capable of fighting the nations conflicts within a ten year time frame. Once approved, the program began to experiment with Xeno genetic material as well as the artifact in order to make results. Test subjects were formed from illegal immigrants, soldiers declared as MIA or KIA, felons, homeless people and a few other who were drafted into the project. According to the personal log of Doctor Hayden Sclde, the Reborn insurgents were not only astounding but had a greater political aspect to their creation. The doctor believed that by using society's undesirables to fight America's wars, than the public would not be enraged about the possibility of acceptable losses. Through the Reborn Program, he believed that they had fuond a way of protecting the country's finest citizens whilst eliminating its bottom feeders.

The first generation of Reborn soldiers consisted of untrained civilians who whilst enhanced with extensive modifications, suffered from limited potential. As such, the second batch of subjects consisted of military KIA's, MIA's and wounded with no next of kin. These individuals were hardened prior to the transformation process and were classified for recon ues only which made them much more successful than their counterparts. His later studies of the Reborn Scouts showed that they were the true potential of the experimental program. These individuals suffered from the most extensive modifications on the human body and many of the earliest specimens were female. Through the use of an exoskeletal grafting, the subject gained increased speed and better mobility though the only successful subjects were those that possessed a natural agility as well as body awareness. When fatally damaged, these subjects also self destructed which was believed to had been groundbreaking work done by the scientists of the project.

At some point, test subject Logan Somers faced an idealogical shift in his personality during the process that turned him into the Reborn Leader. He believed that the Endtimes were fast approaching and led a revolt in the Domes as he saw himself as the cataylst for a radical change.


The Reborn are a secret military experiment that was tasked with creating genetically engineered supersoldiers at an underground industrial complex. At the core of each of the Reborn, there exists a Human host who has been grafted with Gray technology as well as the addition of alien DNA. However, due to the process, a majority of those who suffered from this experimentation resulted in prolonged death after which further experiments were conducted on the corpse. Those that survived the process were left deformed both in mind and body. After their escape, they have now sought retribution against those who had spawned them.


  • Reborn Soldier
  • Reborn Scout
  • Reborn Leader


  • Blacksite: Area 51

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