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The Red Faction are an organization that feature in the video game series of the same name.



The Red Faction was founded in the years after Mars was colonized and its mining activities being placed by the tyrannical Ultor Corporation. During this time, a mysterious woman known as Eos emerged and incited the oppressed miners to revolt against the company. This culminated in the Martian mines when Ultor security troops began to terrorise miners leading to open hostilities as an uprising came about within the mines. Among those that that attacked the Ultor forces was a miner by the name of Parker who was secretly assisted by a rebellious Ultor technician by the name of Hendrix. Together, they rallied under Eos's leadership in order to end the reign of the corporation ocne and or all. Their actions led to the Red Faction becoming a credible force that managed to topple Ultor whereupon they successfully gained independence on Mars after calling the Earth Defense Force to aid them. As a result, peace settled on the red planet due to the heroic actions of the Red Faction.

However, events changed fifty years later during a time when Earth suffered from resource shortages as well as corruption within its leadership. This led to the once good relationship between the EDF and Martian citizens turning sour which culminated in the Earth forcibly taking control of the planet. The EDF effectively became brutal overlords of the planet which they had once aided half a century earlier. Declaring martial law, they turned the Martian Council into a puppet government whilst they ruthlessly enforced their rules and ensured no dissent rose against them leading them to terminating any signs of rebellious actions.


Originally, the group consisted of the mining class on Mars who were unsatisfied with the treatment given to them by the Ultor Corporation. Ultimately, it was the company's actions that led to open revolution where they managed fight against factions that attempted to control or oppress them. Thus, they were effectively a militant group consisting of rebels that sought to gain their freedom from the tyranny imposed on inhabitants of Mars.


  • Eos
  • Parker
  • Alec Mason
  • Samanya
  • Darius Mason

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