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Logan versus the Red Right Hand from Wolverine v4 #10.

The Red Right Hand are a group that features in Marvel Comics.



The Red Right Hand was an organization consisting of people all of whom had sworn revenge against Wolverine. Its origins were traced to around 80 years ago when a mine owner enforced strict rules over his worker. The workers conducted a strike but the owner responded with violence against them. They, in turn, responded in turn leading to him bringing in hired thugs called the Pinkertons to enforce his rule. The union called a stranger to provide them some support leading to the mine owner reluctantly meeting the negotiators at the table. In anger, the rich owner got drunk and killed the union negotiator leading to him being killed by the stranger. During this entire time, the owners son saw his father die and swore vengeance against his killer as he had loved his parent no matter the cruel acts he had done against the workers. The family wealth was devastated as a result but the boy worked hard to earn his wealth whereupon he learnt the name of the man who killed his father with this being James Howlett. He then worked to ambush the man and tried to kill him but was quick to learn that he could not be killed through normal means as he healed all injuries. The young man-made numerous attempts all of which failed and he ultimately concluded that he could not get his revenge alone. He decided he needed help and began to look for others who lost loved ones at the hands of Howlett where he recruited them into the Red Right Hand. (Wolverine v4 #10)

The group prepared for a fresh attack on Wolverine by targeting Melita Garner whilst she was working on a book about his life but were defeated by Daredevil. (Wolverine and the X-Men v2 #7)


In appearance, the Red Right Hand were a secretive group that all gathered together for their mutual hatred of Wolverine. This stemmed from his actions over his long life that led to the death of their loved ones. As a result, each had sworn vengeance against him and intended to make him suffer in life. (Wolverine v4 #14)

Among their agents were a group of highly trained warriors known as the Mongrels. Each of them were actually secretly the children of Wolverine with him not knowing that he had fathered these offspring. Their existence was discovered by the Red Right Hand who found them in different corners of the world. After being taken in, they were trained to be skilled warriors though it was never expected that they could slay their father. Instead, it was planned that he would slay them whereupon their parentage was to be revealed to him. It was intended that this revelation would bring Wolverine after realising that he had slain his own children. (Wolverine v4 #4)


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  • The Red Right Hand were created by Jason Aaron and Renato Guedes where they made their first appearance in Wolverine v4 #1 (November, 2010).


  • Wolverine v4:
  • Wolverine and the X-Men v1:

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