Robert G. Durant

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Robert G. Durant

Robert G. Durant was a vicious criminal in the employ of Louis Strack, Jr. He was known for using his cigar cutter to chop off victims' fingers, then keep them as trophies. He also had a pet rabbit he was surprisingly gentle with. Durant and his gang members - Skip, Rudy, Smiley, Rick and Pauly - were sent by Strack to obtain the Ballesarious Memo from the lab of Dr. Peyton Westlake, which they did after brutally torturing and nearly killing Westlake.

This resulted in the creation of Darkman, who sought revenge against Durant and his gang and disrupted their operations. Strack, after learning from Julie Hastings that Darkman was Westlake, had Durant and his men follow her to Darkman's hideout. Durant and his men came after Darkman in a helicopter, leading to a chase throughout the city with Darkman hanging onto a cable suspended from the bottom of the 'copter. Durant was seemingly killed when Darkman attached the cable to the back of a truck as it went into a tunnel, pulling the 'copter along with it and causing it to smash into the tunnel entrance and explode.

Later though, Durant was revealed to have survived the crash and been in a coma. He awoke from the coma and soon began trying to become the biggest, baddest criminal in the city. With the help of his new gang, Eddie, Ivan, Roy and Whitey, Durant freed mad scientist Dr. Alfred Hathaway from an insane asylum, commissioning him to design a high-tech laser rifle to replace conventional guns so he could corner the arms market.

Durant planned to sell the weapons to Neo-Nazi Perkins, toturing and killing Dr. David Brinkman so Hathaway could use his lab after Brinkman refused to sell the property. With Brinkman dead, Durant planned to buy the propertly from the scientist's sister, Laurie, only to have her refuse to sell after Darkman, as his old self Peyton Westlake, told her the truth about the gangster. Durant then abducted Laurie and held her hostage at Brinkman's lab, and he was finally killed for good while trying to escape in his armored limousine: Darkman had sabotaged the vehicle so that it could be placed under his control, and he blew it up with a bomb.

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