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Robin Sena is a female Witch that features in Witch Hunter Robin.



Robin was part of a genetic engineering project designated Project Robin and was born to her mother who was Maria who had agreed to the experiment in order to create a child who would be the second rebirth of witch kind. The unborn Robin was called Hope by her mother who died during the birth. Robin herself would also have died as her grandfather was none other then the Grand Inquisitor of Solomon as he believed that the project was an abomination which he was determined to destroy. However, upon lifting the newly born child, he began to feel an immediate kinship with the girl and decided instead to raise her as his own.

In time, she remained within Solomon where she was trained to be a witch hunter. Her origins were not known to her and she was not aware that her mentor was none other then her grand father. She was raised in a convent in Italy til the age of 15 when she was dispatched to Japan where her new assignment was assisting the Japanese witch hunting branch called the STN-J. Once there, she was immediately partnered with Amon in their operations in hunting dangerous witches in the city. Though now a member of the STN-J, she refused to make use of the Orbo liquid that the Japanese hunters made use of in their hunts. After noticing her repeated problems in targeting enemies with her abilities, Amon began to realize that her sight temporarily failed when she manifested her poweres. Thus, to compensate for this, he bought her some glasses to wear in combat which improved her accuracy dramatically.

During a meeting with a memory keeper called Salem Witch who could only die at the hands of another witch with the power to manipulate fire, Robin began to embark on a quest to discover her origins. As her time with the STN-J continued, there was an increase in her abilities as well to the point that she was labelled as a dangerous witch and thus targeted by Solomon who ordered her to be hunted down. Numerous hunters were dispatched for the task but each were eventually killed by Robin who used her incineration powers to defeat them. It was only after studying her past did she realize that she was designed to give birth to witch kind once more. She discovered that she had taken on the collective memories of the witch kind and learnt the origins of the "craft".

She later participated in the destruction of the Factory in Japan which was used in numerous witch experiments which included the creation of Orbo. Robin and Amon were reunited with Karasuma who they had come to rescue from Zaizen's factory. She later informed her colleagues that the memories of the experiences of witch kind would allow her to enable her to understand the sadness that arose from the conflict between witches and humans. Through such an understanding, she hoped to find a way to allow both witches and Humans to co-exist peacefully. She then departed for parts unknown with amon accompanying her who would stay at her side to see how she created this new world of co-existence but also to destroy Robin if she turned destructive. Robin accepted his role as her watchman and they left their colleagues to bring about a new future for witch and human kind. It was reported to everyone else that the two had died in the collapse of the Factory but only those former comrades were aware that they were out there alive in the world.


Personality and attributes

Her age was that of a 15 year old girl with reddish hair who spoke with a soft spoken tone.

Upon arriving at the STN-J, she learnt that the local hunters made use of a "craft" inhibiting liquid called Orbo that diminished the powers of the witches. However, Robin had nothing but revulsion for the liquid and refused to use it during her hunts.

Though she appeared as a good natured innocent child, Robin was perfectly able to employ her gift to the point of using it as lethal force when necessary. Typically, she did this either to save someone's life or for the good of others.

While she hunting witches initially, Robin began to accept her role as being the mother of a new witch kind and hoped that her collective memories would allow her to understand the nature of the sadness that was generated between the conflict of witches and humans. Through this, she had hoped that she would find a means through which the two races could live on the Earth and co-exist with one another.

She was noted for having a high degree of trust with fellow Hunter Amon.

Powers and abilities

She was a witch and had numerous abilities that marked her being greater then that of a normal Human. She was actually a "designer witch" as she was genetically engineered to give witch kind a second chance at life.

She was a pyrokinetic which allowed her the ability to manifest varying amounts of fire allowing her to conjure it through her mind alone. Furthermore, she had the power to channel energy into shields which were able to block both solid matter and that of the "craft" - the magical powers used by Witches. This allowed her to use it to protect herself from other craft users like herself.

Through the course of her development, her powers began to rapidly increase in time. She eventually became the caretaker of the combined memories of all of witch kind and of the "craft".

There was a noted problem with her abilities which was the use of them temporarily weakened her eyesight which in turn resulted in a diminishment in her accurately using her powers and the effectiveness of her pyrokinesis. After joining the STN-J, a method was used to combat this problem which was by wearing glasses.


  • Robin Sena was voiced by Japanese actor Akeno Watanabe and by Kari Wahlgren in the English dubbed version.


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