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Roulette in Catwoman v4 #33.

Roulette is a female comic supervillain who features in DC Comics.




Head of the House in JSA v1 #28.

Victoria Sinclair

With help from her grandfather and husband, she established an underground casino known to the Metahuman criminal community as the House that was a massive underground structure that stretched for miles beneath the Nevada desert. For 5 years, it was a fairly lucrative business that netted over $500 million per year and remained completely hidden from the superhero community whilst entertaining supervillains and other high-rollers with bloodthirsty gaming. Around 2 years ago, Roulette discovered her husband cheating on her with one of the brothel girls from the House's Red Zone and Victoria through him into the casino's Concrete Jungle where he never returned. (JSA Secret Files v1 #2) It was said that she injected him with black market bat-gland serum thus turning him into a Man Bat. (JSA v1 #30)

For her games, she desired bigger names to bring in the profits and upon reading the newspaper she saw that Hawkman had returned to join the Justice Society with her deciding that they would be her next targets. (JSA Secret Files v1 #2) Through a hijacked T-Sphere, she abducted the Justice Society who had implants put on them to deprive them of their abilities and forcing them to battle one another for profit as well as amusement of the crowds assembled in the House. (JSA v1 #28) Each were put through specific trials against one another with the intention of several of them dying in the process. However, the heroes managed to escape the traps set for them where they broke free from the controls placed on them by Roulette. Ultimately, Roulette decided to teleport all the captive members of the Justice Society back to their headquarters rather than have them continue to run amok in the House. (JSA v1 #30)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.

She came to operate in the lawless nation of Zandia that was a safe haven from authorities. (The Flash v5 #62)


Personality and attributes

Roulette believed she was better off without her husband as she once believed in love and had committed herself to him but that this turned out to be a disappointment. (JSA v1 #28)

She believed that her grandfather was the original Mister Terrific namely Terry Sloan and she kept a picture of him at her home. Roulette believed that the second Mister Terrific Michael Holt was a pretender and was she determined to kill him in order for her grandfathers name and honour to be restored. (JSA v1 #30) She was noted to had cared deeply for her grandfather where she hoped her activities made him proud. (JSA v1 #28) He used to tell her that nothing was impossible no matter the odds. (JSA v1 #30)

Powers and abilities

She was noted for being the best gambler on Earth with a near superhuman ability to count cards, analyse body postures and gestures, and predict her opponents every action. (JSA Secret Files v1 #2) Roulette came to be considered amongst the smartest and most deadliest people on the planet with her featuring on a most wanted list by authorities due to her being a game master and criminal kingpin. (The Flash v5 #62)

Roulette was the owner and in control of an organization known as the House that was involved in Metahuman underground fights. Metahumans with the power to shutdown abilities were used to control the abducted heroes and aggressors were injected in them to force them to fight their comrades. (JSA v1 #28)

The House was said to hold a number of rules that included:

  • First Rule : the House does not exist. (JSA Secret Files v1 #2)
  • Second Rule : do not talk about the House, the House does not exist. (JSA Secret Files v1 #2)
  • Third Rule : all bets are final, the House does not exist. (JSA Secret Files v1 #2)
  • Fourth Rule : if you break any of these rules you will be found and you will not exist. (JSA Secret Files v1 #2)

It was said that rumours were not allowed in the House. The organization had access to a wide range of tools at their disposal including bat-gland serum making people into Man-Bats and even possessing Warhounds of Apokolips. (JSA v1 #30)

She came to operate a chain of illegal casinos around the world with these only being the tip of her criminal enterprise. (The Flash v5 #62)


  • Roulette was created by Geoff Johns and Derec Aucoin where she made her first appearance in JSA Secret Files v1 #2 (September, 2001).

In other media


  • In Justice League Unlimited, Roulette appeared in the animated television series set in the DC Animated Universe where she was in the episode "The Cat and the Canary" and voiced by actor Virginia Madsen.
  • In Smallville, Victoria Sinclair appeared in the live-action television series ninth season where she was portrayed by actor Steph Song.
  • In Supergirl, Veronica Sinclair appeared in the live-action television series set in the Arrowverse where she was portrayed by actor Dichen Lachman.


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