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Rusalka Schwagerin is a female character that features in Dies Irae.



Rusalka Schwagerin (ルサルカ・シュヴェーゲリン Rusaruka Shuvēgerin)

During the 18th century, Schwagelin came to be accused of witchcraft in her village in Germany leading to her imprisonment and torture. During this time, she was visited by a mysterious benefactor before she could be executed who gave her a relic. This was the diary of Elizabeth Bathory which fused to her soul and gave her access to a form of magic called Die Ewigkeit allowing her to gain immense power by absorbing the souls of the dead.


Personality and attributes

She was known by a variety of names that include Anna Maria Schwagerin, Tenma Numahime and Malleus Maleficarum.

Powers and abilities

Within her possession was the Die Blutgräfin which was said to be the diary of the infamous duchess Elizabeth Bathory.

Her Briah was Csejte Ungarn Nachtzehre (The Voracious shades from the Castle of Torture) that arose from her desire which was "I want to bring down others".


  • Rusalka Schwagerin was created by Light and featured in the setting of the visual novel series Dies Irae.
  • The character was based on Anna Maria Schwegelin who in the real world was alleged witch and the last person to be executed for witchcraft in Germany.


  • Dies Irae:

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