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SPIGA Biotech Logo.

SPIGA Biotech is a business that features in Incorporated.



In 2023, the United States Government gave billions in subsidies to the biotech start-up company to help combat the pesticide-resistant Asian Longhorned Beetles infestation of 2022 which had wiped out over a hundred million trees across North America with the company aiding to fight against the massive problems of deforestation.

In 2036, all genetic research in the government and educational system was banned with this being handed over to private corporations such as SPIGA along with its bio-tech rival Inazagi.

Afterwards, the 29th Amendment was ratified in the United States of America that granted corporations sovereignty thus freeing them from regulations or ties to the Federal government along with the power to make their own laws. The world changed with the corporations being able to supply security and make their own laws.


Personnel in the company were given their own corporate IP.

The company had a number of different divisions:

  • Counter Intelligence Tech Division :

It operated a Containment/Recovery (CNR) protocol for the recovery of kidnapped personnel. Tactical teams were deployed to recover personnel following authorization from senior executives. It was claimed that the protocols covered the abduction of senior executives and their immediate family. The priority was the protection of corporate intellectual property and not saving the lives of kidnapping victims.

Products from the company included:

  • Everclear : software in development that scanned a subject's brainwaves and translates them into images allowing others to see what they were thinking along with what they were dreaming.
  • The Whistle : anti-riot tech in development that was a small handle shaped gun that produced a high pitch which could disorient and targets unless they were wearing special earpieces.

Any spies or traitors within their rank were sent to the mysterious Quiet Room to face interrogation with various rumours spoken about the place.


  • Ben Larson :



  • Incorporated:

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