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Sara Lance is a female character that features in Arrow.



As a child, her father Quentin bought her a canary which her sister claimed drove the family crazy. (Episode: Dead to Rights) Her father would also buy her a cap with the logo of the Starling City Rockets on it that Sara kept among her possessions. (Episode: Salvation)

In time, she was given the name Ta-er al-Asfer that when translated from Arabic meant 'The Canary'. (Episode: Streets of Fire)

She later returned to Star City where she helped Oliver stop the new Count Vertigo and later met her sister Laurel on a roof top. After Laurel left, she was surprised by a person in the shadows who shot several arrows into her body causing her to fall off the ledge and die where her sister held her in her arms. (Episode: The Calm)


Personality and attributes

According to Nyssa, she did not show her the darkness but rather that this was already within her soul. (Episode: The Magician)

Powers and abilities


  • The role of Sara Lance was originally played by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood in the first season with Caity Lotz taking over for the second season.


  • Arrow: "Pilot" (2012)
  • Arrow: "Crucible" (2013)

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