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Savage in BIONICLE: Dark Hunters.

Savage is a male villain character who features in BIONICLE (Generation 1).



"Savage" was once a Toa of Earth who was captured by Visorak and infected with Hordika Venom, mutating him into a bestial Toa-Rahi hybrid. He later managed to free himself and return to his comrades, but they did not recognize him in his new form and attacked him, believing him to be some kind of monster. This attack accelerated Savage's transformation and triggered his newly-gained bestial instincts, causing him to go on a rampage in which he badly injured his former friends.

Savage was later found by the Shadowed One, who convinced him to join the Dark Hunters by claiming that his former teammates had been jealous of him and had allowed him to be mutated.

Shortly before the reawakening of Mata Nui, Savage was incapacitated due to another rage state and confined in a special containment cell in the Dark Hunters' fortress on Odina.

When the Great Spirit Robot was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, Savage was transported to Spherus Magna.


Personality and attributes

As his Dark Hunter codename suggests, Savage frequently gets savage Rahi-like urges and goes berserk, attempting to attack anyone or anything within arm's reach. Whenever this occurs in the Dark Hunter compound on Odina, Savage is locked in a special containment cell to prevent him from causing damage to the compound or other Dark Hunters. Any damage that he causes to his containment cell in a rage state is taken out of his pay.

Powers and abilities

Savage retains all the powers of a Toa of Earth (the ability to create, control and absorb earth) despite his mutation, but his unstable mental state has resulted in less control over them. He has also lost the ability to use Kanohi, as his Great Ruru became fused to his face during his mutation and he became unable to access its power. However, his mutation gifted him with extreme tracking abilities comparable to that of an Energy Hound, as he is now able to track a mote of dust across a desert. He also developed a natural Rhotuka Launcher that fires paralyzing Rhotuka, which he uses in combat along with his former Toa Tool, which is now a "Tri-Claw" that can liquefy solid matter.


  • The Savage model was created by C. J. Konopka and entered into the LEGO Magazine Dark Hunter Building Contest in 2005. Savage was one of the winning entries and was subsequently given an official storyline role by Greg Farshtey and featured in the BIONICLE: Dark Hunters guidebook.


  • BIONICLE: Dark Hunters

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