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"BIONICLE: Generation 1" is the first iteration of BIONICLE, a range of LEGO-based action figures that were produced from 2001-2010. BIONICLE (a portmanteau of Biological Chronicle) was set in an elaborate science fiction/fantasy universe that was explored through a wide range of canon media, including books, comics, games, graphic novels, animated films, online serials, and more. The toy range was cancelled in 2010, but lead writer Greg Farshtey continued to write canon story serials into 2011 until real-life circumstances forced him to stop.

When the LEGO Group announced that a BIONICLE reboot would be launched in 2015, the BIONICLE fan community began to refer to BIONICLE's first iteration as "Generation 1" (inspired by Transformers' naming scheme), and the reboot as "Generation 2". Though these terms were at first unofficial, the LEGO Group later used them themselves when referring to both iterations of the franchise when announcing the reboot's cancellation in 2016.

It should be noted that the prime universe of G1 was actually part of a larger multiverse that featured other dimensions and parallel worlds.

Canon Material

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In Issue #10 of DC Comics' The Spectre (released December 2001), the Toa Mata can be seen in one of the mirrors that lead to alternate universes, implying that the BIONICLE universe is perhaps one of the many realities of the DC Multiverse.


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