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Saw Boss.

Saw Boss is a male cartoon villain that features in Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors.



Saw Boss was a plant based mutation that grew from experiments made by the scientist Audric in another galaxy to create plants that could end hunger. However, a burst of radiation from an exploding star mutated the plants turning them into a malicious humanoid race known as the Monster Minds with Saw Boss being their leader. They would force Audric to flee as they took over his laboratory and sought to conquer the universe. Audric had the Magic Root with him that could destroy the Monster Minds who were dispatched by Saw Boss to capture him. Unable to reach his family, Audric split the Root and passed one piece to his robotic servant Oon with instructions to give it to his son Jayce. The Monster Minds would chase Oon to a dome of light where Jayce and his allies resided where despite being besieged by the Monster Minds managed to escape in the ship belonging to Herc Stormsailor. (Episode: Escape from the Garden of Evil)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Through sensors, he was able to remotely view locations within his brain. (Episode: Escape from the Garden of Evil)


  • The character of Saw Boss was voiced by voice actor Giulio Kukurugya.


  • Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors:

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