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Scar is a female comic character that features in Green Lantern.



During the Sinestro Corps War, Scar was one of the Guardians who dismissed the Blackest Night prophecy discovered by Abin Sur from The Five Inversions. She burned the page which noted the prophecy, agreed with the other Guardians that it was a lie spread by their enemies, and banished Ganthet and Sayd from the council. During the Anti-Monitor's attack on New York City, Scar was one of the Guardians who attempts to fend off the entity. She was one of the casualties and was actually slain by the Anti-Monitor's attack, a fact which she hid from her fellow Guardians,[1] and obtained her namesake wound from contact with its hand.[2] The Anti-Monitor, mortally wounded by the Corps' attacks, was thrown into space by Superman-Prime soon after. After the war, Scar secretly recruited Lanterns Ash and Saarek to locate the body of the Anti-Monitor.

Unbeknown to her fellow Guardians, Scar began visiting a secret location on Oa to muse on the future of the Corps and reveals herself to be the keeper of a mysterious book known only as The Book of the Black, which appears to be a counterpart to the Book of Oa, like the Book of Parallax. Her introduction in the book noted that "her soul now rots with darkness" due to her wound. In each of the backups, she used a mysterious black ooze used by various members of the Black Lantern Corps to illustrate within the book images of future events and revised characters origins post Final Crisis. When Agent Orange accused the Guardians of trespass into the Vega sector, Scar destroyed the construct playing the message, saying that the Green Lantern Corps will not negotiate with terrorists. She then proposed a new law: that the Vega sector would no longer be out of the Corps jurisdiction, and that the Guardians should play a more active role in the War of Light.[3] Meanwhile, Saarek and Ash discover the Black Lantern battery on the corpse-world of Ryut and are attacked by what "lives" there.

Scar covertly initiated a prison break in Oa's sciencells, releasing a Red Lantern and deactivating the force field containing the captured Sinestro Corps members' rings.[4] She also used her influence as a Guardian to prevent Sodam Yat from accessing the Ion Power while he was fighting the Sinestro Corps on Daxam.[5] When Lyssa Drak discovered the Book of the Black, Scar imprisoned her within its pages. Scar then used her blood to paint the symbol of the Black Lanterns on the wall of the cavern, causing the Oan battery shell to shatter.[6] Following the recapture of the escapees, the Guardians had the Alpha Lanterns kill almost all of the prisoners, with Scar stating that the Corps must be "all will and no heart" in order to win the war of light, and reassigning Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner to Earth after they challenged the Guardians' decree.[7] Unknown to the Guardians, what Scar really wants is more bodies for the Black Lantern Corps.

She was named as the Guardian of the Black Lantern Corps. She also personally recruits Black Hand after he kills himself; declaring him the embodiment of the Black Lantern Corps.[8] As the black rings make their journey across the universe, the Guardians attempt to issue a "code black" to recall all Green Lanterns to Oa. Before they can send the call, Scar reveals herself as a traitor and attacks her fellow Guardians; ripping the heart out of one of them. Scar then imprisons them in a viscous black liquid that she exudes from her mouth.[9] Scar explains to her prisoners that she has been dead since the Anti-Monitor's attack, and through her death has made contact with Nekron: their ancient enemy and the personification of Death. She goes on to explain that the only way to bring order to the universe is to destroy all emotion and therefore all life.[1] Scar takes her captives to the planet Ryut, home of the Black Lantern's central power battery, and takes on a new outfit (a gray and white robe bearing the Black Lantern Corps' symbol)[10]. When the Black Lantern Corps' power levels reach 100 percent, Scar transports herself, the Guardians, and the Black Central Power Battery to Coast City. There, Nekron is finally able to cross into the main dimension in which the events of the DC Universe take place. During the battle that ensues following Nekron's arrival, Scar is destroyed by the combined efforts of Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Sinestro, Hal Jordan, Saint Walker, Indigo-1, Carol Ferris, Ganthet, and Sayd.


Personality and attributes

Scar was one of the Guardians of the Universe. An attack by the Anti-Monitor left her with a large, distinctive scar on the right side of her head. Subsequently, she began to deviate considerably from the traditional personality of a member of the Guardians. She was depicted as dark, militaristic, and fascinated by the power of death. Her eyes, which usually bore the symbol of the Green Lantern Corps in the pupil, contained the symbol of the Corps with whom she was presently associating (e.g., the symbol of the Sinestro Corps appeared in her pupils when she informed them of Sinestro's impending execution). She began encouraging the Green Lantern Corps to take on a more aggressive stance in the pending War of Light.

Powers and abilities


  • Scar was created by Geoff Johns where she initially appeared as an unnamed Guardian in Green Lantern v4 #25 (December, 2007) but was later named as Scar in Adventure Comics v2 #0 (February, 2009).

In other media


  • In Green Lantern: The Animated Series, the character features as the Oan Science Director who first attempted to disassemble Aya only for Jordan to secretly rescue the AI. Afterwards, she participated in the peace negotiations on Ysmault with the Red Lanterns only for it to be threatened by the Anti-Monitor. With the threat of the Anti-Monitor, the Science Director revealed the machines past and that the Oans had locked away much of their power but that she was tapping into it once more which she used to control the Manhunters but seemingly perished at the hands of the Anti-Monitor. However, in the episode "Scarred", she is shown to be still alive at a secret laboratory where she is shown to have a scar on her face from her defeat where she revealed she teleported away just before she could die. Scar later reveals her role in creating Aya and intended to destroy the AI that had taken over the Anti-Monitor but failed. Before she could face Aya, the Science Director teleported away after she betrayed Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Razer.


  • Green Lantern v4:

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