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Scissorman is the name given to several characters in the Clock Tower series.



The Scissorman was the name adopted by several individuals with the original being Bobby Barrows, a deformed young son of Mary Barrows and Simon Barrows. Throughout the game, he chases Jennifer Simpson through the Barrows mansion in an attempt to kill her. He seems to take some childish delight in playing with his victims before he kills them, as he can be seen dancing for a short while if he knocks Jennifer to the floor. It is heavily implied that he is a demonic being, as it is discovered that his mother Mary was a cultist, and in the opening cutscene the baby Bobby's eyes are completely white.[1] Bobby meets his fate as Jennifer activates the clock tower bells, and the chimes disorient him enough so that he falls off the clock tower to his presumed death.

Afterwards, the Scissorman returned with a blue overcoat, a mask and an exaggerated limp. Scissorman appears in each scenario, and his appearances are mostly triggered by the player's actions. Scissorman appears to be immortal, therefore the player must either try to hide until he is gone, or use an object to knock him out. In one of the levels, he can be found resting in a rocking chair and watching cartoons on TV. It is revealed that the Scissorman in this game can be a variety of people, depending upon the choices the player makes within the game. However, no matter who the fake Scissorman in this game turns out to be, the real Scissorman is always Edward, the only survivor of the original Clock Tower murders apart from Jennifer.[2] It is revealed that Edward is actually Bobby's brother Dan Barrows, a massive monster child using supernatural powers of telekinesis. In the port of the original Clock Tower for the PlayStation (subtitled The First Fear), an Easter egg is added after Dan's apparent death during the explosion: Edward can be seen rising from Dan's charred remains. Edward's role as Scissorman comes to an end as Jennifer and Helen find a spell to open a massive door, which sucks the Scissorman in.

Furthermore, the main characters, Alyssa and Bates, were theorized by their parents to be reincarnations of the previous Scissormen, Bobby and Dan. According to the game, another Scissorman (also known as Little John from the Big Castle) prior to Bobby and Dan had lived a long time ago. He had been stopped from murdering people by his father, Quinten Burroughs, and his corpse can be found in a stone coffin in England's Burroughs Castle.

A Scissorman and Scissorwoman later appeared where they both look like circus performers, and both wield a pair of knives that they can put together to create makeshift scissors. Their true names are Ralph and Jemima (named Rudy and Janis in the Japanese version of the game), and both were servants to Lord Darcy Burroughs, acting as his executioners. After the death of Burroughs, they were stoned to death by local villagers in retaliation for their murdering ways. However, both were resurrected, sharing a single entity between them.



  • Bobby Barrows :


  • The Scissorman was created by Hifumi Kouno and designed by Kuniomi Yoshida where they first appeared in the Clock Tower (1995).


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