Scoleri Brothers

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Tony (left) and Nunzio (right) mocking the Ghostbusters

Nunzio Scoleri and Tony Scoleri, better known as the Scoleri Brothers, were convicted murderers sentenced to death by electrocution by Judge Stephen "The Hammer" Wexler in 1948 at Ossining Prison. They came back as electrical ghosts in 1989, brought forth from the spirit realm by negatively-charged mood slime in Judge Wexler's courtroom.

Initially appearing still strapped into ghostly electric chairs, Nunzio and Tony broke free and came after the judge, throwing the courtroom into complete chaos. Luckily for Judge Wexler, Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler were currently being tried in his court and, in return for having their judicial restraining order rescinded, the Ghostbusters were able to successfully trap the ghostly brothers.

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