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The Scroll of the Ultimate is a scroll artifact that featured in Bulletproof Monk.


The Scroll was an ancient Tibetan text that had been passed on from one bearer to the next for generations. Its guardians were immune to age and had great power that was given to them by the Scroll's power which remained in effect for sixty years. When that time comes, the guardian is required to find a successor for the power. The individual must go through various tasks such as defeating many enemies, finding love, meeting their long lost brothers and redeem themselves from their past sins. When judged worthy, the guardian tells the individual the words of the Scroll with the power passing onto the next guardian.

In 1943, the contents of the Scroll resided at the Tibetan Temple of Sublime Truth. However, the Nazi Party discovered its location and attempted to locate its power. An unnamed monk who completed the trials and became the next guardian. With the German commander after the power of the Scroll, the guardian fled and was constantly on the run from his enemies as he attempted protected the ancient scroll.

The next guardian discovered a possible successor to the power in Kar, a rootless pickpocket who seemed the possessed the necessary traits to becoming a guardian. He had to, however, fight off the Nazi Party commanders attempts at gaining the words of the Scroll as by reading the entire contents allowed one to get ultimate power. The German was defeated and the unnamed monk passed on the last part of the Scroll to Kar who became the new guardian.

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