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The Sea of Geduld is a location that features in Infinite Ryvius.


The Sea of Geduld was a disturbance in space that was formed near the orbit of Earth. It was formed in 2137 as a result of the Geduld Phenomena that occurred from the solar system's star. This saw the formation of a massive solar flare that spread out to create a cloud of plasma particles and radiation which clouded much of the system from the sun to the outer reaches of the system. The event had a dramatic impact on mankind's space expansion programs as the newly formed sea of plasma meant active movements in the area were restricted. However, in time, humanity managed to colonize every planet within the star system. In orbit around Earth and by the Sea of Geduld was Liebe Delta space station that served as the central hub for training of astronauts and navigators. The proximity to the Geduld Sea served as the basis for training of new astronauts in order for them to experience the dangers of the plasma cloud. In 2225, the Liebe Delta Astronaut Training Facility engaged in the Dive Break which was a moment where the station ventured near the Geduld for system maintenance. This period normally served as vacation time and during this moment agents from the Orbital Security Bureau secretly sabotaged the station. The act saw the space station free falling into the depths of the Geduld Sea where the resulting gravity pressures would have crushed it and killed all its personnel. However, the Zwei navigation training team managed to jettison portions of the Liebe Delta and were ultimately saved by the mysterious battleship known as Ryvius. The craft emerged from the plasma cloud whereupon the crew of the of the space station transferred onto the warship.


The cloud-like material was spread across space around the solar system where it was formed of a plasma-like substance where it was a hazardous environment to travel into which impeded on space expansion. In fact, space shuttles and other normal space going vessels were unable to survive immense pressure within the sea. Its harsh conditions meant no living thing was capable of surviving exposure in the Sea of Geduld.


  • Infinite Ryvius:

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