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The Sebaceans are a species that appear in Farscape.




The species appeared remarkably similar to Humans in terms of features, skin tonnes and expressions. (Episode: Premiere) There were certain biological differences between the two, however, as they lacked the necessary gland to regulate extreme thermal increases. This led to them suffering from a condition known as heat delirium which led to their cells overheating and their nervous system shuttind down. Notable after effects included the loss of short-term memory which was followed by loss of motor functions until finally the long-term memory was lost leaving the subject alive but in a state where body's were frozen in such a state. (Episode: Exodus from Genesis) Part of their physiology meant that the paraphoral nerve was an important aspect of their biology as it was incapable of regenerating. Thus, any damage to it meant that the individual gradually deteorirated and died within a fifty or sixty arn period. The only method known to heal the damage involved a tissue graft from a compatible donor. (Episode: Nerve)

In terms of diseases, the race were not immune to the effects of Hynerian dermaphollica when it was in the active stage and was capable of infecting them leading ultimately to death unless a cure was formed. (Episode: Episode: We're So Screwed - Fetal Attraction)


It was known that once the Sebaceans had a female deity known as Djancaz-Bru with a legend surrouding her. According to the story, six worlds prayed to her with temples being built and planets being conquered in her name. However, at some point, she rose up and destroyed all six worlds containing her followers with the last warrior in his dying breath asking her why she did this to which she responded that it was because she could do such an act. (Episode: Prayer)

When suffering from the Living Death known as heat delirium, it was known that Sebeaceans killed their own kind that succumbed to this state which was done so as an act of mercy. (Episode: Exodus from Genesis)


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