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The Sentient Intelligence (SI) is an advanced artificial intelligence that features in the Commonwealth Saga novels.

This machine mind was an extremely powerful creation of Humanity that spanned an entire world yet retained a solitary existence with the only connection being made to its homeworld being through a zero-width wormhole that allowed only data to pass through it. It offered no assistance to mankind except on occasions it dememed were right and its ultimate motivation was unknown. During such moments, it contacted those that it saw as being unparalleled levels of information on the events of the Commonwealth. Such individuals were provided with favors in exchange for information with these ranging from providing safety or observation of the local Cybersphere communications or even controlling elements of the physical world in order to provide some form of help.

Ultimately, it served as a repository for humans in order to upload their personalities into a communal existence that was shared alongside the Sentient Intelligence. These included the minds of deceased individuals who's minds were stored within the artificial intelligence.

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