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Seryi Volk Executive Response is a company that features in Marvel Comics.



Seryi Volk Executive Response (S.E.R.V.) was founded by CEO Priya Khan who was a member of the Indian Special Forces where she retired with honors after eigh years on active duty service. Originally, the group was founded as a small consulting corporation that provided regional governments as well as companies with security as well as logistical advice. During her consultations, Khan came to realize that Central Asia had a large amount of untapped resource that included robust population of ex-military specialists that had skills needed to provide the services that consulting clients required. As a result, the corporation expanded and secured funds from several private equity investors that Khan close down her consulting group in order to form Seryi Volk Executive Response. The new corporation offered small-scale security services for countries and organizations that were in need for ready made security dtails in both public as well as clandestine initiatives.


The corporation name came from the Russian word for "grey wolf" that was based at Grozny in the capital city in the Chechen Republic within Russia. Its members were private citizens that came from war-torn countries and mercenaries. Much of their hardware came from equipment that was Russian in origin ranging from Dragunov sniper rifles, AK-47's and similar such weapons. Whilst consisting of a poor group, they had a passion for battle and made use of guerilla tactics.


  • Priya Khan (CEO)

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