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The Shadoens, also known as the Shadoen Multitude, are an insidious race of aliens that feature in Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends.


The Shadoens were an old interstellar species that moved through the cosmos where they destroyed entire planets as part of their invasion efforts to gather resources that were vital for the survival of their species. In the distant past, they attempted to invade the planet Earth but were repulsed by weaponry made by the Titani which were used by their servants the Cyclops. The Shaoens were defeated but would plot their return to conquer the planet once again.

To accomplish this goal, they would deploy an agent to infiltrate the planet and cause dissension among Humanity and the other alien species of the world in order to weaken them until the invasion forces arrive. The agent served another purpose which was to ensure that the Shadoen's efforts were not discovered.

The time finally came for their second invasion of the planet where they attempted to force control over the planet but they did not expect the united aliens and Humans to join forces against them under the command of Walter Logan and his son Nick Logan. The Shadoen attempted to destroy the planet's moon in order to thin the Human population despite the fact that it would limit their breeding but it was considered an option. However, an EMP Charge weapon would be detonated on the fleet flagship which destroyed the Shadoen invasion force.

Its not known whether there exists anymore Shadoen after the event as it was stated that the second invasion of Earth needed to succeed otherwise their species faced extinction.


The species appear as large four legged insectoids that seem similar to crabs; they were quitre adept at seeing in the dark as well as climbing up on walls through the use of their legs. They have pincer arms which can rip apart a Human easily or break through a steel safe. A smaller pair of blade-like claws are present in the lower part of the armoured abdomen. Their skin colours varied from grey to green. Their four eyes were blood red and were capable of firing energy blasts. Their heads are covered by a chitinous cowl which can possess spikes on them. The race can easily achieve a lifespan of fifty years though the true limits of this is not known.

Shadoens are capable of absorbing the flesh of another being, killing it in the process, and wearing it as a type of suit which allows them to perfectly hide among other species for infiltration purposes. They are perfectly capable of going undetected for years though state of extreme anger can reveal the true Shadoen within. When the time is right, the Shadoen can rip apart from their disguise and reveal their true form.

There exists another race within the Shadoen forces which are much thinner and possess a more beaked mouth. This species possess four arms with finger-like digits to manipulate the computers onboard their vessels. Its not known though whether this is another species or a different sub-breed caste within the Shadoen forces.

A high ranking body within the Shadoen race are their Elders. The race firmly believes in the grand Shadoen objectives which is to conquer and destroy those worlds that they approach. This is because the race are primarily nomadic in nature and take what they want as well as colonize those worlds that are within their invasion corridors.

The military of the species possess ranks that are as high as commander and as low as sub-commander. A typical formation used by their fleets was the cone formation. They showed little concern in the death of their fellows and considered them expendable; willing to fire on positions that contained their own troops in order to accomplish their goals.


  • Wraith
  • Commander Keel
  • Sub-Commander Kopak

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