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Simian Flu is a disease that features in Planet of the Apes.



The Simian Flu was a deadly disease that infected humans in the modern age. Its origin was traced to the five and a half year work of geneticist Dr. Will Rodman at Gen-Sys Laboratories who was developing a vial cure for Alzheimer's Disease. The experiments resulted in the creation of a virus termed as ALZ-112 that went through animal testing. Several chimpanzee test subjects were selected with these including Bright Eyes, Lorelei, Chambers, Burke and Verdon. A military-sanctioned variant of the drug was administered to Burke and Verdon with the latter being shot when attempting to escape. Bright Eyes displayed the desired results that were showcased during a board meeting but was killed by security guards after she became aggressive in defence of her newborn infant, Caesar. As a result, funding for the project was cut with the newborn Caesar being adopted by Will with the chimpanzee inheriting his mother's increased intelligence. Upon seeing Caesar's progress, Will decided to secretly steal samples of the ALZ-112 virus in order to administer it to his own father Charles who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. Initially, Charles's condition began to improve but his body began to gradually develop anti-bodies against the virus causing him to regress to his former condition five years later. To create a cure, Will Rodman decided to create a stronger strain of the virus that would not be effected by the anti-bodies causing him to conduct unauthorised experiments. These findings were later brought to the head of Gen-Sys namely Steve Jacobs who was impressed by Will's testimony to authorise the creation of the new viral cure that was named ALZ-113.

During the first trial, the new virus was accidently released onto the chimpanzee handler Robert Franklin. After the test, the bonobo Koba who briefly broke out of his restraints and breached one of the viral containers and kicking off Franklin's breathing mask. The ALZ-113 proved to be fatal to Franklin with Rodman attempting to halt the tests but was rebuked by Jacobs who desired continued research. Unknown to anyone, prior to Franklin's death he had sneezed on airline pilot Douglas Hunsiker thus spreading the virus to him. This culminated a wave of infections that later developed into a global pandemic as the virus began to infect other humans. Around this time, Rodman attempted to use the virus to cure his father butw as stopped at the last moment. In the mean time, Caesar had escaped from his detention at the San Bruno Primate Shelter where he stole several canisters containing the virus from Rodman's house. He used this to intentional spread it among the other captive apes in order to increase the intelligence of his cell-mates. He and his followers then proceeded to escape the shelter leading to the Monkeygate scandal.


Afterwards, the disease mutated where it did not kill those humans exposed to it but rather affected their biology. It began to affect their brain chemistry causing humans to lose the ability to speak and eventually lose higher brain functions causing intelligent humans to be more animalistic in terms of behaviour.


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