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The Singh Brotherhood is a criminal organization that features in The Phantom



The Singh Brotherhood was a global crime syndicate whose origins were not known except that they had existed for many centuries. In 1536, they attacked a British merchant ship outside the coast of Bangalla, killing both Captain Christopher Walker and his crew. Only the son of the Captain survived, and he later on swore a sacred oath to fight evil, injustice and cruelty, and to put an end to the Brotherhood's activities. He later became The Phantom, The Ghost Who Walks. After originating The Phantom, the brotherhood have existed in many different incarnations throughout the centuries. As of today, they exist as a worldwide organisation of modern day pirates, smugglers, thieves, and hit men.

In the European Phantom stories published by Egmont, the modern leader of the brotherhood is Sandal Singh, daughter of Dogai Singh. In the US Phantom stories by Moonstone Books, the leader is Temur Singh.



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In other media


  • In The Phantom, the Singh Brotherhood underwent drastic changes in the SyFy 2009 live-action television mini-series where it became more like a corporation board with their leader Rhatib Singh being the last direct descendant of the Singh bloodline.


  • In The Phantom, the Sengh Brotherhood appeared as antagonists in the 1996 Paramount live-action film where they were led by Kabai Sengh.


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