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Skarin was a male human Viking that featured in Viking: Battle for Asgard.



Freya's Champion

When Hel’s forces landed on Niflberg, Skarin was among the first to race to his home’s defence. While his kinsmen fought to protect their families, he was singled out by a hulking monstrosity, corrupted with Hel’s favour, her champion. Crippled by hallucinations and sudden visions, Skarin was unable to defend himself and he fell beneath the harbinger’s sword.

But the gods had other plans and Freya was sent to revive him, to become her own champion and lead the fight back against Hel’s invasion.

Consumed with the need to avenge his kinsmen, Skarin focuses his rage on the hated undead and attempts to retake Midgard. However, the motives of gods are rarely straightforward, and Skarin soon becomes aware that he is a pawn in a much larger game.

The man that would become known as Skarin was a mortal native of Midgard who defended his settlement from numerous undead creatures from the Legions of Hel. Despite fighting valiantly, Skarin was incapable of defeating Hel's champion and was badly wounded with his life slowly leaving him. It was then and there that the Goddess Freya approached him and elected him to be her Champion to defeat Hel's forces who sought possession of Midgard. Healing him and giving Skarin his new mission to stop Hel, Freya also gifted him with the Brisingamen amulet to aid him on his mission which served as a guide on his journeys.

With that done, Freya told Skarin that whenever he freed the land from Hel's minions then she would purify the land which she did immediately thus saving the village. She then departed leaving Skarin to take stock on what happened. He encountered the shaman Asta who told him that she saw him fall in battle but that he had returned. She further stated that he had seen the Wolf once again which was stalking him. She told him to forge an alliance with the dragons so that they can enlist their aid in retaking Darkwind village which required Skarin to find the Dragon Amulets and use the three gems called Hugin, Mugin and Mjolnir. To that end, he went to the monastery to find the amulet after which he would go to the Dragon Summoning Stones so that he could consult the dragons.

Skarin then went forth to find Chief Haral where the older Viking told him that he looked tired battling the Legions of Hel and that he should rest. Furthermore, he stated that there were leylines underneath Niflberg which could be accessed through remote stones allowing for a rapid level of travel between the two points. He also learnt that to the North East of Brighthelm there was a training area for him to hone in skills. He then made his way to Hilltop Farm in order to resume food production and recruit more warriors to fight Hel.

Battle against Hel

Eventually arriving at Hel's tower, the goddess of the dead consumed herself in fire and raised more undead to battle Skarin but he slayed them all. Finally, Hel transformed herself into a hybrid of a gaint with her upper portion of her body merged to that of a giant body except she was covered in fire and flames. Skarin managed to defeat her and slay her though she warned the Viking that he knew not what he had done and that her death would not free Midgard. She then called Skarin a child of Fenrir before dying.

He thus returned to Freya and knelt before the goddess and asked that he be freed from his mortal mission and be given a place in Valhalla. However, she instead refused his request which greatly angered him and broke his trust in the gods. Dismayed with Freya, he came before the chains on the wolf Fenrir and ripped them apart thus freeing the beast resulting in a cold winter befalling Midgard. The gods were destroyed in Ragnarok but their essence remained in the world and allowed mortals to forge their own destiny as well as build their own Valhalla free from the gods of Asgard.

The fate of Skarin himself is unknown.



The Brisingamen amulet was one of the items in Skarin's possession which was a circular white compass like device gifted by Freya herself.

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